4 delicious foods that are very dangerous for those who are allergic to them

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Food allergies make people suffer a lot. So, no matter how delicious the foods are, if you're allergic to them, never touch them!

When your body swells and itches after eating a certain food, it means you may be allergic to that food. Here are 4 common foods that are very delicious and nutritious, but those who are allergic to them should absolutely stay away from them.

4 common foods that contain allergens

1. Milk

4 delicious foods that are very dangerous for those who are allergic to them

There are generally two cases of milk allergy, one is lactose intolerance and the other is an allergy to milk proteins. Lactose intolerance is often caused by a lack of lactase enzyme in the gut, so it cannot break down lactose in milk, causing diarrhea and symptoms of bloating. If your body is lactose intolerant, you can often choose to drink yogurt or low-sugar milk.

Allergy to milk protein usually occurs in infants. White blood cells and lymphocytes in children will use milk protein as an antigen, resulting in an overreaction. After an allergy to milk protein, your baby will have a skin rash. When it is found that a baby is allergic to milk proteins, it is best for parents to breastfeed, or choose hydrolyzed formula.

2. Seafood

4 delicious foods that are very dangerous for those who are allergic to them

Many people are allergic to seafood. Seafood contains too much histamine, and histamine is a major cause of seafood allergies.

Many people have congenital allergies due to the lack of enzymes that break down histamine, so when eating seafood, the body cannot break down these histamine, leading to rashes and itching symptoms on the face, arms and organs. other. Patients with acute seafood allergy should not eat seafood.

3. Peanut butter

4 delicious foods that are very dangerous for those who are allergic to them

Peanut butter is also a very common allergen. Popular foods include peanut butter and peanut oil. Research shows that the main allergenic components of peanuts are the protein peanuts Arah1, 2 and others, which can cause allergic symptoms in the human body.

If you have a severe allergic reaction to peanuts, symptoms of anaphylactic shock and acute, mild laryngeal edema may cause facial edema and mouth ulcers. People who are allergic to peanuts should choose products carefully before using.

4. Mango

4 delicious foods that are very dangerous for those who are allergic to them

A lot of people are allergic to mangoes. They often have blisters in their mouths, rashes and even vomiting and diarrhea. This is because mangoes contain more irritants, such as acids, amino acids. When these substances come in contact with the lips, cheeks ... allergy symptoms will appear, especially unripe mangoes are more likely to cause allergies.

These are just four common allergy foods. In addition, there are some common allergens in life, such as pollen, catkins, alcohol, starch, soy, etc. Of course, there are some rare allergens that cannot be found. in people with allergies, such as someone who is allergic to water

What should we do when faced with food allergy?

Learn about allergens, then stop contact with allergens

When you have an allergy, you can go to the hospital to get rid of the allergen or treat with allergy medicine, to reduce symptoms in time. But if the disease does not get better, it is best to stop contact with allergens. Pay more attention to the presence of allergens in life, so they do not hurt the body again.

Pay more attention to the diet, consider the ingredient list when buying food to avoid eating allergens

It is best not to eat spicy foods and irritants during allergies to avoid aggravating the condition. Regular exercise can be done in the right amount, which helps improve physical function and reduces the harmful effects of allergens to the body.

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