4 biggest festivals of the year in New York City

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Many people want to go to New York just because they want to witness the famous festivals of this city.

When you have the opportunity to come here and attend those events, you will understand why they are loved so much. Below are 4 biggest festivals of New York that will give everyone unforgettable experiences.

4 biggest festivals of the year in New York City

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

4 biggest festivals of the year in New York City

On summer days, if you have the opportunity to visit Coney Island, New York City, you will admire the impressive performances of the mermaids! In fact, they are just beautiful girls wearing mermaid costumes, but the scene is as magical as famous Disney cartoons. That is the charm of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade held in New York.

This festival is a place for people and visitors to see splendid and impressive performances. The festival usually takes place on June 21 every year and lasts a few days. A line of people parading the streets in fairy costumes is an opportunity for Coney Island residents to relax and show their creativity. There are also many fascinating street music performances.

Festival of colors - Holi festival

4 biggest festivals of the year in New York City

Considered one of the traditional Indian festivals, the Holi festival is now celebrated every year in New York. The event attracts most people to participate and entices the excitement of cross travelers. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fun, colorful atmosphere of this vibrant ceremony.

Holi Festival is held in the middle of March, with the meaning of eliminating all boundaries, distinguishing caste, rich and poor, skin color... to promote social equality. People will use saffron, rose and sandalwood to make a colorful powder. They then throw powder at each other when attending festivals. Everyone is covered in smiles, but a bright smile is on their lips. According to popular belief, who gets throwed more powder at gets the more luck.

Summer Festival

4 biggest festivals of the year in New York City

This festival is held each year on 6th Avenue on Manhattan, New York. Here, the shopping shoppers will be able to express their passion for more than 500 stalls of all kinds. Items from clothing, shoes, ... to household items, jewelry, ... all have quite affordable prices very easy to buy. Especially the culinary program is extremely attractive, attracting a large number of visitors to participate.

Coming to the Summer festival, you also experience the pleasure of cruising on the river while listening to music while enjoying the scenery and enjoying a special meal. Interestingly, visitors only charge about $ 15 instead of paying $ 60 as usual. So don't miss this golden opportunity. Besides, entertainment programs, music at the festival are also very attractive, no one can take their eyes off.

New Year's celebration for New Yorkers

4 biggest festivals of the year in New York City

It would be great if you had a trip to New York on New Year's Eve to see their celebrations. Make sure everyone will enjoy seeing this magnificent and crowded festival. New Year celebrations are held by New Yorkers in the vast Times Square. This is also a famous destination that foreign tourists want to visit when coming to the city.

The most impressive festival is when it is close to the Eve. A sparkling crystal ball is dropped from a height of more than 20 meters in the countdown and cheers of everyone. The scene is cheerful and the atmosphere encompasses the whole neighborhood. The crystal ball has a diameter of 3.7 meters and weighs up to 5.4 tons. It can produce 10 million colors and billions of images.

Besides, more than 1 ton of confetti on which people write their wishes on in 25 different languages is also dropped on the square. Everyone looks forward to the good things in the new year.

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