3 types of utensils you should never put in the microwave

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Many people have a habit of reheating food with a microwave because it is convenient and fast. However, this may be harmful to our health.

Many people believe that heating food in the microwave can cause hormonal disorders, abnormal blood function, weakened immune system, even leading to cancer. Is it true?

3 things you should never put in the microwave

Will eating foods heated by a microwave cause cancer?

You have often heard that long-term use of a microwave will cause cancer due to the microwave operating by using radio frequency radiation (RF). In fact, this kind of radiation is around you day and night, whether you use a microwave or not.

3 types of utensils you should never put in the microwave

According to the American Cancer Society, the RF radiation produced by microwaves is stronger, but nevertheless, it is still safe within the permissible limits, as long as it is used properly and without any threats.

Microwaves use extremely short electronic wavelengths to ripen food from the inside out. This method is simply understood as the water molecules in food under the influence of microwaves will move rapidly and generate heat to ripen food. If food is rich in water, the heating temperature does not even exceed 100 degrees Celsius, otherwise it reduces the risk of producing carcinogens. Therefore, there is no need to worry about microwaved food.

The effect of microwaves on food

Nutrients are destroyed by overheating, not just when used in a microwave. Cooking food in water or other liquids can also cause the nutrients in the food to fade.

3 types of utensils you should never put in the microwave

According to a Harvard University study, because of the quick microwave cooking and the use of very little liquid, it preserves nutrients better than some other cooking methods like boiling or steaming.

Many people believe that food cooked by a microwave will become contaminated, in fact the microwave will not cause radiation. The microwave only produces electromagnetic waves that cook food, so it cannot contaminate food, so you can feel secure when cooking with a microwave.

Of course, not all foods are suitable for reheating in a microwave.

Do not put the following utensils in the microwave

- Paper boxes, newspapers: The composition of the paper box contains syrofom, which is a plastic, so it is very toxic when exposed to high temperatures in the microwave. In addition, after paper products are heated in a microwave oven, high temperatures burn the paper bag. From there easily creates fire, can create toxic gas. So avoid heating food that is stored in paper or newspaper boxes in the microwave unless the box says "safe to use with a microwave."

3 types of utensils you should never put in the microwave

- Plastic containers, disposable foam boxes: Disposable plastic containers for yogurt, milk, butter ... or foam boxes for lunch should not be heated by a microwave. They are made for single use and are not suitable for high temperatures. Containers may be deformed or melt, releasing chemicals. Since then toxic substances will enter the food posing immeasurable danger to health.

- Metalware: Do not store food in metal objects such as aluminum, iron, steel... to reheat by microwave. The reason is that microwave microwaves do not penetrate the metal, but are reflected back into the walls of the furnace, causing heating around, leading to fires, damage to the oven and serious damage to people standing around. 

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