3 Tricky Riddles For Logic Masters To Solve

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Sometimes your brain will feel low and hold after a long working day and day by day it won't be flexible like before. So how can we boost up our brain? These tricks will make your brain has to exercise all out to find solutions. Solve these tricks and you'll become a true logic master!

Break is sure that you’ll figure out all these tasks really fast. To check yourself, there are answers at the end of the article (just in case).


3 Tricky Riddles For Logic Masters To Solve

Did you manage to solve it? Let’s move on!


3 Tricky Riddles For Logic Masters To Solve

A detective comes to a restaurant and notices a slightly drunk man and a waitress arguing.

“But you’ve also ordered roasted meat,” claims the waitress.

“I haven’t ordered any meat! I just came to spend a couple of hours here. I try to save money,” yells the visitor.

“You’re drunk and can’t remember what you ordered 2 hours ago,” continues the annoyed waitress.

“But you know very well that he couldn’t order this dish,” the detective interrupts them, “You have to come with me.”

How did the detective know that the waitress was trying to fool the customer?

If you’ve managed to figure out this riddle, let’s try the next one!

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“I’ve just arrived to this city and was walking around when a man with a gun came up to me and stole my watch!” says a tourist in a police department, “He had a mustache, blue pants...”

“You don’t have to continue,” says the policeman, “We already know — there are security cameras everywhere. Take a look at this picture.”

3 Tricky Riddles For Logic Masters To Solve

“I think the robber is one of 5 swindler brothers: Lou, Lo, La, Lee, or Liu”, says the policeman, “We’ve already brought them here. Take a look at them and let us know who the robber is.”

3 Tricky Riddles For Logic Masters To Solve


3. The waiter. For lefties, it’s easier to hold a tray in their right hand and serve dishes and drinks with their left one. Thus, their left hand works and the right one is static.

2. A clock on the wall says that it’s 6:15 PM. An announcement above the bar counter says that main course is served until 3 PM. So the man who’s spent “a couple of hours” in the restaurant wouldn’t have been there in time to order the main course.

1. Liu is guilty. Lou’s hat is decorated with zigzag (not straight) stripes. Lo couldn’t hold a gun because of his hook. La’s mustache “looks” down. Lee’s hand is bandaged so he couldn’t steal the watch.

Which riddle is the most complicated? Share your opinion with us.

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