3 tricks recommended by doctors to wash your face clean

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Try these tricks and after this period of social distancing amid the coronavirus crisis, your skin will be incredibly beautiful.

In fact, there have been many cases where your skin is worsen because you wash your face wrong. Therefore, you should not ignore the facial cleansing tips below which are advised by doctors and experts. Try it and most likely after this period of social distancing, your skin will look great.

3 face wash tricks recommended by doctors to keep your face beautiful

1. Warm your face with a warm towel and massage the oily areas where pores are easily clogged

After removing make-up, gently wiping your face with a warm towel will make it easier to release pores from dirt and residues. Besides, according to beauty expert Georgia Louise in New York: "Focus more on areas that are oily and with clogged pores like nose, forehead, chin, but do not forget to massage carefully to clean every nook and cranny on the face". And once your skin is deeply cleansed to the point of pores, the skin will be more bright, healthy, less prone to acne and easily absorb nutrients from other skincare products.

3 tricks recommended by doctors to wash your face clean

2. Use a very gentle cleanser

Many women have faced acne, skin irritation, redness because choosing a cleanser is not gentle enough for the skin. Therefore, new doctors always recommend that women should be close to the cleanser with gentle formula, does not hurt the skin barrier, or wash away the natural oils that make the skin dry.

Dermatologist Shari Marchbein, assistant professor at New York University, also considers gentle gel cleanser as an integral part of skincare process: "I have both sensitive skin and prone to acne; so I try to keep things as simple as possible ".

3 tricks recommended by doctors to wash your face clean

3. Use a cotton swab to massage the skin

This is a face wash experience by Shani Darden herself - a beauty consultant for celebrities in Hollywood applied. After makeup remover, you come to the step using cleanser, foam thoroughly and massage the skin. Next, you take a few pieces of cotton gauze, absorbent, rub gently until all soap bubbles and then rinse with water to clean.

3 tricks recommended by doctors to wash your face clean

A cotton swab will help to remove dead skin cells more thoroughly, causing harm but not damaging the skin. Many applicators also noted that their skin was much smoother after learning this secret facial wash by Shani Darden.

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