3 principles to own the 6-pack abs faster

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Persevering with the menu of splitting meals, exercising abdominal muscles alternating days of the week, reasonable rest are the tips to help you quickly achieve the goal of 6 perfect abs.

Training and eating how to own a masculine, toned body in a short time is the question of many men. Below, Break will share tips when training and changing diets to help men achieve this.

3 principles to own the 6-pack abs faster

Alternate abdominal exercises

You should not focus all your time on the abdominal area, start the training session with all muscle groups as usual. At the end of the session is a good time for you to practice this muscle area or cardio exercises for 15-20 minutes. Do abdominal exercises alternating days of the week so they have time to recover and develop.

3 principles to own the 6-pack abs faster

While practicing, you should focus on the training 100%, not distracting. Talking privately or taking too long breaks makes the blood thinner, the intensity of exercise and mental decline.

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Besides, during practice, you should not drink too much water, after 2 rounds each exercise just click your lips. Drinking lots of water is very harmful because when exercising most of the blood flows to the muscles, the blood flow to the stomach decreases. When drinking too much water will create a feeling of heaviness, abdominal discomfort, affecting breathing. Therefore, take a rest before drinking water after your workout.

Reasonable rest

3 principles to own the 6-pack abs faster

Reasonable rest is a method that helps the muscles grow best. In the afternoon, you need to rest for at least 30 minutes, this time your nerves and muscles are also "strengthened". In addition, napping helps you exercise more effectively in the afternoon. Similarly, a 7-8 hour deep sleep at night gives you a refreshing, energetic spirit for the next day's workout.


In addition to regular exercise, diet plays an important role in helping you reach your goals soon. Eat at least 6 meals a day, many small meals help us absorb better substances and a healthier stomach.

Moreover, you should pay attention to meals before training. Snack at least 30 minutes before training, do not eat too easily to greatly affect exercise, excess calories. During exercise, you do not burn all will happen the phenomenon of boredom and increased fat, not developing muscle.

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3 principles to own the 6-pack abs faster

Limiting fast food and spices is also a point to keep in mind. Sugary foods will create fat and eat salty water in the body.

Finally, you need to eat a lot of fruit. They are high in fiber, good for the digestive system, contain clean energy, which helps the body absorb. However, you should avoid eating very sweet fruits during dinner, you can use fruits like grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, orange, guava, plum.

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