3 Most important things you must do when checking into a hotel

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Nowadays, hotel thefts and scams are becoming more and more popular. So, here are something you need to remember before booking a hotel.

Every hotel has its own rules and regulations. Here are the things you should learn and grasp before booking and staying at a hotel, to avoid minor accidents that can affect your vacation.

What to do when checking into a hotel

1. Check room quality

After booking a hotel, you should ask the staff to let you check the room to see if the quality of the room is as good as the price you paid. First, you should check the mattress to see if it is thick, smooth, soft and comfortable. Remember, sleep is very important during travel, it can affect your mood.
You should also check how the bathroom is cleaned. Is the toilet clean and nothing smells? Is the towel new? And if possible, you should use your own towel, don't use towels in your hotel. Look in the closet and on the top of the cupboard to find if there is dirt or anything left by the previous guests. After checking, you can ask the hotel staff to give you another room if needed.

3 Most important things you must do when checking into a hotel
Sleep affects your mood a lot

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2. Be careful when staying at the hotel

Warning: for those of you who love posting pictures on social networks, you can take pictures of anything in the room, but remember to never capture your room numbers, the crooks can sneak in and steal things from your room.

3 Most important things you must do when checking into a hotel
Posting your room numbers online will make visitors encounter a lot of troubles

Many cases of theft have taken place in hotels, from budget to luxury. Remember, the hotel staff, the cleaner, can enter your room when you are away. So you should bring valuable items with you. Never leave precious items such as phones, laptops, money, watches, passports... in the room when you're out.

Another note: never open the doors automatically when someone knocks on the door, even if they say "Service / Security." You should look through the peephole to identify them before letting them in. Since there are many bad guys disguising themselves, be wary of the worst case. Before going to bed, you should leave the light in the bathroom, if it makes it difficult for you to sleep, close the bathroom door slightly. Do not turn it off, because when bad things happen, it will help you handle the situation faster and also make it easier for you to go to the toilet in sleepiness. You should also close all the windows before going to sleep, the crooks can sneak into your room through the windows.

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3. Pay attention around

Before entering the room, you should find an emergency exit along the corridor and see if there is any way in the room where you can escape easily in the worst case. In the event of an explosion, or something threatening your life, if you know the exit location, you will easily calm down to handle the situation.

3 Most important things you must do when checking into a hotel
Note where the emergency exit is when entering the hotel

Besides, you should check the items available in the room, see if it is good or bad, and immediately report to the receptionist.

3 Most important things you must do when checking into a hotel
Carefully check the equipments before checking in

When you check out of the room, if the staff discovers that an item in the room is damaged, then you'll have to pay for the item even if you don't damage it. Remember not to smoke in the room and be careful when touching fragile items such as glass, white walls ... especially in large hotels. You may have to pay a lot of money.

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