3 Methods to prevent and reduce liver disease through diet

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Once you have liver problems, you will definitely need to change your eating habits. These guidelines help you to overcome and reduce the situation early.

According to the health experts of liver disease on the China Health channel, if you have liver disease, it is impossible to ignore these three "vital" eating strategies to support care and treatment.

Doctors hope that everyone with liver disease can understand their condition, actively work with doctors to treat and pay attention to daily diet adjustments.

Once you have problems with liver health, it is sure to affect overall health, because the liver is the most important part of the body. The digestive symptoms will appear after the liver has problems such as anorexia, nausea, stomachache and bloating ... over and over again, lasting if you do not treat.

Patients should go to the hospital regularly for timely check-ups and targeted treatment, and you should pay more attention to your daily diet. In general, patients with liver disease should pay attention to the following 3 eating strategies.

3 Methods to prevent and reduce liver disease through diet

Methods to prevent and reduce liver disease through diet

(1) Be sure to avoid greasy foods

Due to poor digestive function of patients with liver disease, or people with certain digestive problems, it is necessary to control the daily diet. Pay attention to avoiding foods that contain too much fat.

After eating fat, sweet and spicy, it is more likely to cause excess food to accumulate in the stomach and intestines. Over time, an internal heat condition will occur that may aggravate the symptoms of liver disease, thus affecting treatment.

Therefore, patients with liver disease should try to be as gentle and nutritious as possible in the daily diet, and avoid eating greasy and tasteful foods.

3 Methods to prevent and reduce liver disease through diet

(2) Make sure to eat enough high-protein food + easy to digest protein food

In terms of diet, patients with chronic hepatitis should eat protein-rich, protein-rich and easily digestible foods (such as porridge, soy products, fresh vegetables, etc.), and eat less protein and substance. fat animals.

However, patients with cirrhosis may eat a lot of lean meat, custard, soy products and other foods that contain high quality protein.

In addition, foods high in vitamin K such as green tea, radish sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts and other vitamin E-rich foods should also be combined properly and sufficiently. increase nutritional supplements, ensure the body is provided with necessary nutrients daily.

3 Methods to prevent and reduce liver disease through diet

(3) Eat more foods to enhance the function of the spleen and stomach

For those with liver disease, these three eating strategies cannot be ignored.

Patients with liver disease should also eat a lot of foods that are good for spleen and stomach function such as pumpkin, papaya, yam and okra in their daily diet.

Only when patients with liver disease pay more attention to their diet can their condition be improved and controlled.

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