3 classic novels must be read in life

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These series of books have been storming for years but not every classic book has fans have read them all.

 Here is a list of classic novels must be read in life.

3 classic novels must be read

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

Since making its debut in 1997, Harry Potter has quickly become the most favorite book series for children (and adults) on worldwide. The book is about the boy called Harry Potter who living with his aunt in a tiny room located under the stairs and always treated coldly. On his 11th birthday, so many strange things happened to Harry from the fact that he understood the sound of a snake in the zoo, then a series of letters to Harry Potter and, most strangely, a giant man appeared to say that he was a witch.

3 classic novels must be read in life

So far, although 7 books and 8 episodes have ended, millions of fans around the world still love the touching story of the wizard boy Harry Potter and the friends around him. The author J. K. Rowling has set up a Pottermore website to reveal more untold secrets about the minor characters in the book or the meaning, the origin of the events and the details that she wrote. Potterhead community in Vietnam and abroad are also very active, organizing many related events in special celebrations. Harry Potter has been translated into 73 languages ​​and sold more than 600 million copies worldwide.

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Lord of the Rings - J. R. R Tolkien

Lord of the Rings is considered the most famous book by JR R Tolkien about the fantasy world of Middle-Earth, where humans, fairies, dwarves fight for each other to become the owner of the power rings. To keep the peace of Middle-earth, a band of rings’ protector was formed of nine men and dwarves and elves, accompanied by a witch and four hobbits tasked with bringing the ring to destruction. In the long journey, they encounter many obstacles from nature to the enemy to attack, but above all, courage and wisdom are still the greatest challenges for them.

3 classic novels must be read in life

3 volumes of stories, equivalent to 3 episodes of The Fellowship of the Ring, The two towers and The return of the King to this day is still one of the monuments of both literature and cinema. Although it was written in 1937, the book still created a big attraction when it was translated into 38 languages ​​and sold more than 150 million copies. The film adaptation was released in three consecutive years from 2001 to 2003 and won numerous awards. In particular, Episode 3 The return of the King with honor win 11 out of 11 nominations at the 76th Academy Awards. JR R Tolkien is considered the father of the genre literary and was ranked 6th in Times magazine as the 50 greatest English writers since 1945. In addition to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he is also known for his works The Hobbit, The Silmarillion Epics and History of Middle-earth.

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Robert Langdon - Dan Brown

Dan Brown's book series is a series around the puzzle journey of iconic professor Robert Langdon, and has published volumes of Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Hell and Episode Latest Origin. With a rich knowledge of religion, language, history, and architectural architecture, Langdon was unknowingly caught up in the search for the Holy Grail, or prevented from catastrophic occurrences against humanity, all just takes place within 14 hours. With each volume, Dan Brown takes readers to discover mysterious knowledge throughout Europe and America.

3 classic novels must be read in life

Since the first episode in 2000, the series has quickly gained popularity and sold worldwide, to now more than 120 million copies have been sold. ⅗ booklet has also been made into a movie, including The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and Inferno, all of them are played by Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. Sales of the three films are estimated at up to US $ 1.5 billion. Before becoming a writer, author Dan Brown was a singer, songwriter and high school teacher. But after the success of the series, he quickly reached the top 100 most famous people in the world with an annual income of up to 77 million dollars.

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