2-Year-Old Born Without A Forearm Met A Soccer Player Who Is Just Like Him

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Both little Joseph Tidd and the Orlando Pride soccer player were born without left forearms, and they embraced that difference in a sweet picture that has since gone viral.

Joseph Tidd is not an ordinary boy. The 21-month-old has a congenital condition that led him to be born without a fully formed left arm. “Symbrachydactyl is the condition. He was born this way. Found out at 18 weeks pregnant, but it happened around the 4-week mark before most people know they are pregnant. When we first found out, we were so heartbroken thinking, ‘What did I do to cause this?’ Even though it was not something we did,” Joseph’s mother told us.

The little boy who is just learning about his differences is already raising awareness about this condition through his Instagram account curated by his parents. “We found the Lucky Fin Project which connects those with limb differences and supports the community. We hope this brings awareness to limb difference and the Lucky Fin Project. We hope it shows the world that Joseph and others with limb differences are not limited or disabled. They are just differently-abled,” his mother explained.

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Recently, even more people have heard of Joseph since the photo of him and Orlando Pride defender Carson Picket went viral across the Internet.

The photo was taken last month during one of Pride’s football matches. Joseph’s mother managed to capture the heartwarming moment as Picket, who was also born without a forearm, came up to fist bump the little boy.  The exchange made Joseph ecstatic, the toddler couldn’t stop giggling and smiling at the footballer.

“We connected with Carson at the Orlando Pride home opener. The Orlando Pride made sure we have a bit of time with Carson and the two bonded. Since that meeting, we have gone to several games and after each game, Carson comes over and the 2 just giggle, hug, fist bump and act like long lost buddies,” Joseph’s mother said.

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Joseph was in awe the first time he met Carson.

“You can see the moment that Joseph pauses, the look on his face changes…he is thinking hard as he’s studying Carson’s arm. Then the joy that washes over him as he realizes ‘she’s just like me’. The smile and giggle followed by the unprompted desire to show his arm to Carson,” his parents wrote on Instagram.

There is no doubt that the football player has become a role model showing that nothing can stop you from doing the things you love.

Here’s how people reacted:

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