2 Simple skincare DIY recipes for acne-prone skin

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Here are 2 DIY recipes that help lighten the darkened and acne-prone skin for girls in this hot weather.

Despite washing our face regularly and having a healthy diet, some of us still get massive breakouts and blemishes. Why is that? Maybe it's because we have acne-prone skins. Yes, it is so unfair, but you can fix it. Break has chosen 2 simple yet powerful DIY recipes to help you improve your skin's condition.

How to make natural face masks at home

1. A face mask to lighten your sunburned skin

In summer, our skin is at risk of being darken due to ultraviolet rays. If you already got too much sunlight, you can save your skin with a mask that includes turmeric, yogurt, lemon juice, aloe vera gel and cucumber juice. In particular, turmeric contains antioxidants and beneficial antibiotics to help fight inflammation and prevent skin aging; yogurt and lemon juice can mildly purify and lighten the skin; aloe vera gel is antibacterial; while cucumber juice makes your skin firm and fresh.

2 Simple skincare DIY recipes for acne-prone skin

You need to prepare: A little bit of turmeric powder, 15g of sugar-free yogurt, juice of half a lemon, 15ml of cucumber juice and 10ml of aloe vera gel.

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2 Simple skincare DIY recipes for acne-prone skin

How to do it: Mix all the ingredients you've just prepared together and rub them all over your face and neck. Leave it there for 15 minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water. If you feel the mixture is too dry, you can increase the amount of yogurt next time. After applying the mask, you will find your skin softer and brighter. Do this twice a week.

2. A bottle of spray solution to purify your skin and treat acnes

For women who have acne-prone skins, the hot season is not really pleasant because their skins will produce much more sweat and oil than usual, causing acne formation. That's why you need a spray solution made from tea, essential oils and salt. This is a formula to treat acnes and bring comfort and relaxation to your skin, especially when you have to exercise a lot.

2 Simple skincare DIY recipes for acne-prone skin

You need to prepare: Tea filter bags, 5g of sea salt, 2ml of tea tree oil, 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil, 2-3 drops of lemongrass essential oil.

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2 Simple skincare DIY recipes for acne-prone skin

How to do it: First, make a hot cup of tea, when the tea is still hot, add salt and stir it well. Wait for the tea to cool down and add the remaining essential oils to it. Finally, pour everything into a spray bottle (glass sprays are the best). You can spray this solution on your skin several times a day to "refresh" the skin and treat acnes. After use, you should store the solution in the refrigerator and should replace it periodically every 2 weeks.

2 Simple skincare DIY recipes for acne-prone skin

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