19-Year-Old Confesses To Sleeping With Her Ex-Boyfriend’s 56-Year-Old Dad

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A guy can dream, can't he?

Old men are hot.

That’s probably not a sentence you read every day, but it’s true. There’s just something about salt and pepper hair, a 401K with more than 86 cents in it and the financial stability to go out to eat every night of the week that’s sexy. I know I’m not the only mid-20’s girl out there who thinks this way, but there’s not a whole lot of us (myself included) who are willing to go out and bag herself a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Redditor badexgf19, however, is the exception.

19-Year-Old Confesses To Sleeping With Her Ex-Boyfriend’s 56-Year-Old Dad

While badexgf19 is only 19 years old, girlfriend hasn’t hesitated when it comes to hoppin’ on that daddy dick. No really, I am literally talking about daddy dick -- her ex-boyfriend’s dad’s dick, to be precise. In a post to NSFWIAMA, badexgf19 explains how she wound up sleeping with her ex’s father after they broke up:

My ex and I dated for almost two years, but broke up last summer before going to different colleges. Ran into his dad at the grocery store in September. I playfully reminded him of the time he caught his son and I having sex. I teased him saying that part of me wished that he stayed, and he admitted to thinking the same thing. 20 minutes later I was back at his house.

According to badexgf, the dad is 56 but in the hot kind of way – y’know, that Daniel Craig or John Stamos type of 56 where you’d be grossed out at them dating a 19-year-old, but jealous that they’re pulling chicks who’ve never even seen a rotary phone. So if you’re 54, sporting a dad bod and think “manscaping” is that thing where your balls accidentally escape the bottom of your shorts, don’t expect any teenagers to be ringing your doorbell.

19-Year-Old Confesses To Sleeping With Her Ex-Boyfriend’s 56-Year-Old Dad

Explaining the time that the father walked in on her and the son having sex, badexgf19 writes that the summer before her senior year of high school she was over at their house swimming:

His dad wants to grill dinner, so he goes to the store. Since we figured we would have at least an hour, my bf and I go inside to have sex. Well, he forgot his wallet, so less than 20 minutes later he returns and finds us on my boyfriends bed where we are enjoying some reverse cowgirl. I see him about two seconds before my boyfriend did. I saw him and got super turned on because he could see everything, and I was just about to cum. Then my bf saw him and freaked. I left soon after, and my bf got into trouble.

As for the questions we REALLY want to know…

Someone engrave this on a plaque and give it to the dad, because it's all he's ever wanted to hear his entire adult life.

She fucks pops about as often as I order miscellaneous bullshit on Amazon Prime, except in my case I'm fucking myself and in hers she's making a tax-deductible charitable donation.

Girl is clearly an amateur when it comes to boning old dudes.

Is it sad that we've all become conditioned to automatically think he's cheating on his wife?

Might seem gross at first, but dad is just getting back at his son for all the times he and badexgf19 undoubtedly fucked in his bed when he wasn't home.

Badexgf19 unfortunately doesn't provide a picture for us -- however she describes herself as "5'6 130lbs brown hair and eyes. Athletic. 34C," aka any middle-aged man's Bang Bus wet dream come true, especially when coupled with the fact that she says she "wouldn't say no" to a threesome with father and son. And while that sounds hot, it doesn't seem possible -- when asked if she was planning on telling the son what she was doing, her response was that "I honestly don't see any reason to tell him. We aren't dating anymore. I doubt he would be pleased anyway."

The understatement of the year, ladies and gentlemen.

Would you have consistent, no-commitment sex with your son's ex-girlfriend? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

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