15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make

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Clothing mistakes are often made when we have low sense of fashion or wear the clothes differenty from its purpose. This can be bad for your health, like wearing undergarment wrongly can cause neck, back pain and we should avoid as soon as possible. Here are 15 common mistakes that we all should avoid.

Break looks into common clothing mistakes that we all tend to make and how to wear clothes better so that they will make us look and feel good.

1. Wearing your bra the wrong way

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: The back of your bra crawls up your back toward your shoulders.
Why it’s wrong: It might be a size too big for you. The lack of proper support can result in shoulder and back pain.
How to do it right: Get the correct bra measurement and buy the one with a back band that will stay horizontal when you wear it.

2. Wearing the wrong type of bra

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Buying the wrong bra cup style that does not fit your breasts well.
Why it’s wrong: Your bra may not give you the right support for your breasts.
How to do it right: If you have rounder or bigger breasts or rounder shoulders, full cup bras are made for you. Ladies with tear-drop shaped busts or armpit rolls are best suited wearing plunge bras. Balconettes are meant for smaller or medium-sized breasts.

3. Wearing the wrong type of underwear for your shape

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Choosing underwear that are not suited to your body shape.
Why it’s wrong: It may cause discomfort or result in a wedgie.
How to do it right: Women with square flat butts can wear boy shorts, bikinis, tangas, and thongs. Those with V-shaped butts may want to go for briefs, boy shorts, hipsters, or bikinis without high-cut leg holes. The pear-shaped women with A-shaped butts will feel more comfortable in tangas, bikinis, or boy shorts made from stretchy lace or with laser-cut edges. Ladies with round butts should stick with tangas, thongs, briefs, and boy shorts.

4. Wearing clothes that require tying something around the neck too often

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Tying a tie too tight or wearing halter tops that need to be tied around the neck, especially those that need to support the weight of your chest too often.
Why it’s wrong: It will put strain on your neck.
How to do it right: Tying it tight enough so that there will be no clothing mishaps but loose enough so that it will not put too much strain on your neck. Alternate with other types of clothing with better support or find other ways to tie them.

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5. Wearing a swimsuit the wrong way

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make

How you’re doing it wrong: With the fancy way swimsuits are made these days, it’s not unusual to be confused about how to wear them. Some may wear them upside down, the back side in front, or tie it up wrongly.
Why it’s wrong: It may leave the body parts you need covered, hanging out.
How to do it right: Make sure to try the swimsuit on before buying it. Pay attention to the way a swimsuit is hung, since this may give you a clue about how it is meant to be worn.

6. Wearing a shirt that is so tight it causes gaping

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Wearing a tight shirt, trying to look sharp, without considering whether there will be unwanted gaping between the buttons.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to discomfort, breathing problems, and embarrassment if a button pops off.
How to do it right: Ensure that the shirt is straight and smooth when buttoned up and that there is no gap in between the buttons. You can also choose a looser cut, add a button or stitch along the seams so that the buttons are covered.

7. Wearing sharp accessories

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make

How you’re doing it wrong: Wearing sharp accessories with clothes like knitted sweaters.
Why it’s wrong: The accessories may catch onto your clothes and cause snags.
How to do it right: Take into consideration the type of clothes and the type of accessories you can pair them with, so that you can avoid making a tear in your clothing or having your accessory unravel your sweater.

8. Trying to fit into tight pants

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Forcing yourself to fit into tight pants.
Why it’s wrong: It may cause digestive issues or heartburn.
How to do it right: Test whether or not you can fit 2 fingers between the fabric and your hips once you have fully buttoned and zipped up the pants. If you can’t, you need to go up one size.

9. Wearing shorts that keep riding up and making you uncomfortable

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make

How you’re doing it wrong: Having to constantly pull down your shorts because they keep riding up.
Why it’s wrong: It may cause discomfort and show more skin than you intended.
How to do it right: Try on the shorts you want before buying and do squats to see if the length is what you are comfortable with.

10. Wearing a romper, jumpsuit, or bodysuit that makes it hard to go to the restroom

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Committing to a lovely romper, jumpsuit, or bodysuit without considering how hard it is to get in and out of it.
Why it’s wrong: When you go out and need to use the restroom or try on clothes you want to buy, it takes you ages to remove it and put it back on again.
How to do it right: Pick clothes that not only look good, but are practical to wear, depending on where you are going.

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11. Wearing anything that is too long

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Strutting in clothes that are a tad bit too long.
Why it’s wrong: It may result in accidents to you or stains on your clothes.
How to do it right: Alter the length of your clothes so that they fit you perfectly.

12. Wearing the wrong socks to match your shoes and bottoms

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: You’re not considering the length and material of the socks.
Why it’s wrong: They can cause discomfort or not protect your feet like they should.
How to do it right: If you need socks with your low-cut loafers or ballerina shoes, invisible or no-show slip-ons are the socks you’re looking for. Anklet socks are meant to be worn with most other closed-toe shoes, while crew socks are often worn for running. Wool or thicker socks should be worn in the winter.

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13. Wearing narrow-toed shoes and high heels too often

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Insisting on wearing narrow-toed shoes or high heels most of the time.
Why it’s wrong: Narrow-toed shoes can cause the foot to take on the shape of the shoe and result in deformities like hammer toes and corns. High heels can result in bunions, knee pain, and lower back pain.
How to do it right: Because your feet may swell throughout the day, purchase shoes toward the end of the day to ensure maximum comfort. You should have 1/2 inch of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. Forgo high heels when you need to do a lot of walking.

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14. Wearing flip-flops all summer

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Thinking flip-flops are the only shoes you should wear all summer.
Why it’s wrong: Flip-flops hardly give any support to your feet. This means that your feet would be put under more pressure for the whole summer.
How to do it right: Keep flip-flops only for going to the beach or switch between flip-flops and other shoes that give more support to your feet.

15. Wearing the wrong shoes for running

15 Clothing Mistakes We Usually Make
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How you’re doing it wrong: Choosing sports gear for your feet without considering your foot type.
Why it’s wrong: It can put unnecessary strain on your feet.
How to do it right: First find out which foot type you have by doing the wet footprint test. If you have a high arch, you should buy a cushioning shoe. If you have a normal arch or flat feet, you could go for neutral shoes. It might be even better to choose motion control shoes if you have flat feet.

Which of these mistakes has made your life difficult? Do you know any other examples of the clothing mistakes we make or have any advice on how to not make those mistakes?

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