11 Sleep tips that not everyone understands

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Sleep accounts for 1/3 of our life time and can help our body correct errors during operation. Having a good sleep is true for good health.

Remember that when we were young, we knew the theory of sleep well, meaning that you had to get eight hours of sleep a day and be considered good quality sleep.

If someone told you today that this theory is unscientific, or even that it could still be the cause of our insomnia, do you believe it?

10 sleep tips many people are doing in reverse: See to see if you've slept properly? - Picture 1.
Believe it or not, the person who questioned this 8-hour sleep theory was the former president of the British Sleep Association. His name is Nick Littlehales.

11 Sleep tips that not everyone understands

He wrote a book titled "The Sleep Revolution" (Sleep :: Redefine Your Rest, for Success in Work, Sport and Life). He used to be a sleep coach for athletes. Everyone knows that there is a famous team called Manchester United. It was he who was the coach and the person in charge of sleep for this team.

For athletes, he recommends the most scientific sleep advice available to everyone, to ensure that these athletes can ensure quality during sleep, and realize their potential, and The effect received after these consultations is really good.

Therefore, with international football stars, the following advice and advice are inseparable from the course of your sport.

Even among us ordinary people, understanding the right theory of sleep and practicing it is well worth the attention and early application.

Studies have shown that if we only think of the 8-hour sleep theory as the best option, then it is very difficult for anyone to sleep on time. Even that time may not be suitable for everyone.

Not only that, but for many people who can't complete the eight-hour sleep schedule on time, if they can't get enough to get eight hours of rest a day, they may be naturally anxious to sleep, leading to more people may suffer from insomnia. This can also cause insomnia because you think you are not getting enough sleep as theoretically.

11 The truth about sleep that not everyone knows

1. Each of us needs different sleep times.

Each person is an individual, and there are differences between individuals, so for each person, the amount of sleep needed will vary from person to person.

Some media outlets have reported that the UK's Thatcher can take a 4 to 6 hour break every night, while some tennis stars may need 10 hours of sleep.

11 Sleep tips that not everyone understands

In other words, sleep time must be determined according to your actual situation. Too long or too short are not good for your body. In particular, if you determine in advance that you have to sleep 8 hours when reality is not possible, you will feel uncomfortable.

2, Learn sleep cycles, can better know the number of cycles you need.

Many people may not know that a sleep cycle is 90 minutes, and what we need is not how long we sleep at night, but to see how many sleep cycles we sleep. Because the body is completely repaired at the same time during sleep, it actually works in this cycle.

In other words, if you have had shallow sleeps (not deep enough for the body to repair) then even if you sleep for 12 hours it is useless.

3, You belong to the type of early or late sleep, which can be genetically determined.

Some people like to wake up early, and some people like to get up late, so what you need is to determine the best time to wake up in your own situation, so that you can have a state of mind. The best god and can easily cope with the busy daily work and other requirements of life.

4, Know the circadian rhythm and improve the quality of sleep.

In fact, there are three highest stages of sleep demand in a day, from 1 to 3 hours in the afternoon, from 5 to 7 hours in the evening and after 11 pm.

11 Sleep tips that not everyone understands

5, The total number of sleep cycles planned every week, should not be based on your own cycle in a day.

This means that you should observe your sleep cycle for a week, from which you can learn from your experience or true sleep needs.

Under normal circumstances, as long as you don't break the schedule for a three-day sleep cycle, your body won't be affected as it has strong regulatory capacity.

6, Set good time to wake up and rest before bed.

For example, if your sleep cycle is calculated according to your actual physical needs of 5, if you plan to wake up from 7am, then you have to go to bed at 11:30 pm. Thus, theory and practice will be consistent.

7, Preparing for bed will help you fall asleep faster.

For example, if you have a habit of taking hot baths before going to bed, adjusting bedroom lights, turning off electronics, etc., you should apply it regularly and regularly. These pre-sleep activities performed well before bed are very helpful for you to quickly fall asleep according to the scheduled time.

11 Sleep tips that not everyone understands

8, Pay attention to the lying posture to improve sleep quality.

Experts recommend that you can apply your baby's sleeping position, which not only feels safe, but also improves snoring.

9. The first thing after waking up is to "live slowly"

Some people have a habit of rushing after waking up, for example, they immediately jump up, or pick up their cell phones to watch the news. These are unacceptable practices for long-term health, because they have many negative effects. The advice for you is to wake up at a slow pace without worrying or rushing.

10. Do not delay your sleep even on weekends.

Even on weekends, you should not "relax" yourself by going to bed at the wrong time. You can choose to start on time, then take a little extra sleep if you have a lack of sleep during the week, the health effect of this sleep method will be very good.

11 Enlist the use of additional sleep techniques to quickly restore energy.

For example, in the best times for sleeping, from 1 to 3 pm and from 5 to 7 pm, if you're too tired, you can choose to rest for about half an hour during this time.

Taking a short nap in this way can quickly eliminate physical fatigue, compensate for physical discomfort, and return your body to its best state.

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