11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

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Not every relationship is perfect and full of love. Some relationships are bad with ful of toxic behaviours. Here are 11 red flags that you should be considered in a relationship.

1. Your partner's very possessive about you.

It seems pretty cute and even reassuring in the beginning. It makes you feel like the other person values you in their life.

However, as time goes by, this type of behaviour feels overbearing and can interfere with a person's regular life. If your going out for drinks with friends, staying late at work or even having a long conversation on the phone with someone is making your partner insecure then clearly you're in the wrong relationship. Altering your life to calm their insecurity should never be your job. Because whether they get it or not, you need to remember that all relationships should be based on trust.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

2. They want you to ALWAYS take their call or reply to their every text.

Who doesn’t want to hold their partner’s attention at all times? Seeing your crush reply to your text can, for sure, be the most exciting part of one’s day. But the problem begins when the other person wants to know why you didn’t take their call or why you read their message but didn’t reply.

This is obviously unhealthy, especially because it shows that your partner doesn’t realise you have a whole another life outside of the relationship that is vital to you and which you also need to cater to.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

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3. They want to spend all the time with you and only you...

This is definitely a red flag disguised as a sweet routine. You see, it’s all fun and games when you’re both spending all your time together, and once you’re both sure about each other, sure, you want introduce them to friends and family.

But there's a thin line between that and them expecting you to only spend time with them. By doing this, they’re isolating you and leaving you with no support system. And if all they want is power over you, then this is the perfect way to control you. This is not okay.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

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4. You ask for some space but they don't back down, and insist they 'want to be there for you.'

All of us have a bad day once in a while and asking your partner for some space is totally normal.

However, if your partner becomes too clingy and won’t move away even after you tell them you need space, then there's a problem. Just know that your partner doesn’t understand the concept of boundaries and this will eventually become a point of contention.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

5. Wanting to know everything about your day.

While this is sweet when you just begin dating, it can become an interrogation session later in the relationship which obviously isn’t healthy.

Your partner needs to realise that you will obviously tell them of the major events of the day but going into every tiny detail is not just impossible but also impinges on your personal space.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

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6. Keeping a watch over your social media.

When you start seeing someone, you get butterflies in your stomach when you get a notification of them commenting on something or tagging you but this can soon become a habit of monitoring your social media and telling you how to present yourself.

Telling someone what they can or cannot post on social media is an unhealthy amount of surveillance that shouldn’t exist between partners.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

7. They tell you there’s nobody who feels as much love for you as they do.

We all think that our kind of love is special than the others, don’t we? But by saying such things, your partner is making sure that even their most abusive actions are normalised as ‘love’ and something like that can only feel suffocating.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

8. They want to do virtually everything with you.

One always try to cultivate their relationship in the beginning by figuring out common interests and signing up for things accordingly.

However, when your partner wants to do everything together, you both are at the risk of losing your identities and your partner should help you cultivate your personality instead of wanting to do everything with you.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

9. You're told that you’re not like the ex.

This is one of the nicest things someone can say but also the scariest.

A person who talks to you by making comparisons with their ex, is obviously not over their past. There’s no point of wasting time here because you’re always going to be compared to someone else, in a good way or bad.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

10. They claims they can do anything to keep you from leaving them.

It sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. It is far from love and when someone has such feelings for you, it’s more from the point of view of an object.

You want to be in a relationship which is healthy and one where you can not just ask for space but also get out of on mutual terms if need be.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

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11. They say sorry for their mistakes but keep asking for another chance. Then another. And another.

When you just about start dating someone and they make a mistake, they say sorry and claim they will never repeat it.

If it happens just once, let it be and move on so that both of you have a fresh start. But in most cases, this just opens the door for making more mistakes and asking for forgiveness. It is cyclic and not a relationship you can be happy in.

11 Signs Tell You That Your Relationship Is Toxic

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