11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

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When we watch a TV-series or a movie that consists of several parts, we get used to the characters. And when one of our favorite characters dies unexpectedly, we start to criticize the director, the scriptwriter, and everyone else. We weren’t ready for such an outcome! But most of the time, creators don’t deserve this hate. Tiredness, terrible behavior, and even an actor’s death are all some of the possible reasons why our favorite characters die.

Bright Side did some research to find out why show and movie creators had to kill off some very interesting characters when we least expected it.

1. Lawrence Kutner, House M.D. (Kal Penn)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

At first, viewers weren’t happy about House’s new team he got in season 4. And soon after that, Lawrence Kutner, who was probably the viewers’ favorite character from the new team, committed suicide. And what he did had literally no connection to the image of the character. This is why it was so unexpected.

Such a decision was made because Kal Penn stopped working on the show after he got a job at the White House in the Obama Administration.

2. Howard’s mother, The Big Bang Theory (Carol Ann Susi)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

The fans of this series had never seen this character but they definitely knew her voice really well. They were used to it. This is why Howard’s mother’s death was a shock for everyone. Unfortunately, not only the character died but also the actress herself. Carol Ann Susi died of cancer in 2014.

3. Prue Halliwell, Charmed (Shannen Doherty)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

The oldest sister from Charmed named Prue was the key character during 3 seasons. This is why it’s easy to understand why fans were so mad when the character died. But this was a forced decision. By that time, the actress who portrayed the character had annoyed the crew way too much. Shannen Doherty was in constant conflict with her coworkers, especially Alyssa Milano, so by the end of season 3, the relationship between the colleagues was really tense.

4. Charly Harper, Two and a Half Men (Charlie Sheen)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

Thanks to his role in the popular sitcom, Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen received an ALMA award, 3 Emmy nominations, and 2 Golden Globe nominations. It seemed that the scandalous actor managed to reboot his career.

But in 2011, the crew had to stop shooting. Charlie Sheen checked into a hospital, and as it turned out later, a big party. After the hospital, he went straight to rehab because of his drug and alcohol abuse. And on top of all that, the actor said some really bad things about the director of the show which was probably the last straw.

Ashton Kutcher replaced Sheen on the show in season 9.

5. Tuco Salamanca, Breaking Bad (Raymond Cruz)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

It’s extremely hard to portray a really bad character — especially if you’ve done it for a long time. The aggression of the character devours you and takes all your energy. This is what happened to Raymond Cruz who was asked to kill his character. And we don’t think that any of the viewers were really worried about this.

After some rest, Cruz returned to his character in the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul.

6. Matthew Crawley, Downton Abbey (Dan Stevens)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

The third season was the last one for Dan Stevens’s character. Lawyer Matthew Crawley died in a car crash which really surprised viewers. But the actor himself didn’t worry about it much because this finale was his idea. The actor decided not to continue his contract and try himself out on a different show. There is a theory that he just got tired of the show’s story and decided to leave it.

7. Karen McCluskey, Desperate Housewives (Kathryn Joosten)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

Karen McCluskey was in all 8 seasons of the show. People loved Kathryn Joosten’s character and she even won an Emmy for it. The character had cancer just like the actress herself. Karen died in 2012 from this terrible disease, and 20 days after the release of the episode, the actress herself died.

8. Billionaire Peter Gregory, Silicon Valley (Christopher Evan Welch)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

Christopher Evan Welch had time to portray a talented billionaire in Silicon Valley only in 5 episodes. But this was enough to make fans sad about his death. Unfortunately, Christopher died along with the character. He had lung cancer. The crew had to change the script very fast after they found out about this sad news.

9. Frank Underwood, House of Cards (Kevin Spacey)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

Frank Underwood was killed by his ally, Doug Stamper. He presented all this as an accident after a drug overdose.

Netflix had to do this to the fan-favorite character because Kevin Spacey was charged with sexual harassment in real life.

10. Martin Riggs, Lethal Weapon (Clayne Crawford)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

Ranger Martin Riggs was killed by his own half-brother. And it all happened because of the terrible behavior or Clayne Crawford on set. He was fired after several accusations of emotional violence and for creating an unhealthy work environment.

11. Richard Moser, Kommissar Rex (Tobias Moretti)

11 Real Reasons Why Our Favorite Movie Characters Died

When Rex’s charming owner was killed in our favorite show from the ’90s, we were really sad. We cried about the poor dog who lost his owner again.

But Tobias Moretti simply got tired. The actor said, “Spending so much time with a dog, even such a smart dog as Rex, is way too much. I’m tired of being Rex’s 5th paw.”

What movie or TV show character loss was the hardest for you to deal with?

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