10 ways to save electricity to protect the environment

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Besides the alarming environmental problems, high monthly electricity bills are always a nightmare for many families.

However, if you know how to use some smart devices and apply some simple tips, you can control and save a significant amount of power consumption.

How to save electricity effectively

1. Turn off the heat a little early

10 ways to save electricity to protect the environment

According to the California Energy Commission (US), electric cookers will still radiate enough heat to cook food if you turn it off a few minutes in advance. While this tip applies to most dishes, there are exceptions like stew or stew.

2. Use a ceiling fan

If you live in a sunny tropical area all year round or have a hot summer, use ceiling fans for cooling instead of relying solely on air conditioning. Ceiling fans can reduce room temperatures by up to 10 degrees and consume only 10% of power compared to air conditioners.

3. Use energy-saving light bulbs

The US Department of Energy says LED lights save about 75% of the energy and have a 25 times longer lifespan than conventional incandescent lamps. Therefore, to save electricity, it is better to use LED lights. In addition, you do not need to worry about the size of the LED lights because currently on the market there are many types of lamps shaped and the size of incandescent lamps.

10 ways to save electricity to protect the environment

4. Use motion detection equipment to avoid wasting electricity

If your family members do not have the habit of turning off the lights when not in use, the motion detection device is a suitable solution for you. The mechanism of action of this device is that only when a motion is detected in the room will the light be turned on. You can find it at specialized electrical stores and the installation is also very simple. The US Department of Energy says using a motion sensor can cut wasted electricity by up to 30%.

5. Use electric light dimmer

The right brightness adjustment helps to reduce the wattage of the light bulb and thus helps us to save energy. Currently, some devices can also be adjusted via the bundled app, which is very convenient. This application allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp no matter where you are. However, a small note is to check the compatibility between the light bulb and this device to avoid not working as expected.

10 ways to save electricity to protect the environment

6. Use smart switches

This device allows users to easily turn off or open household appliances anywhere in the house, without having to go to an outlet to unplug by connecting wirelessly to a smartphone WIFI network. Besides, you can schedule it automatically for example by turning off the device after a few hours and reporting on the current status of power consumption as well as estimating the amount to be paid in the month.

7. Use an indoor electrical equipment monitoring tool

This tool is designed to help better control household electricity usage by monitoring electrical appliances. It also helps remind users about household tasks and notifies them when they have forgotten to turn off something and indicate how much power the device has been using. In addition, it can detect the most energy consuming appliances in the home and estimate the total amount of electricity they consume.

8. Use the dishwasher

Dishwashers use electricity but they help save energy, money, water and time more than washing the dishes by hand. According to the California Energy Commission, using a dishwasher helps you save on average about 5,000 liters of water and 230 hours of your valuable time each year. Besides, instead of using the automatic drying function, you can let the dishes dry naturally to save electricity.

10 ways to save electricity to protect the environment

9. Wash with cold water

If it's not too cold, you can do the washing and washing your dishes with plain water instead of hot water. This can save a considerable amount every year on your electricity bill.

10. Adjust the water jet mode of the shower

If you switch to a smaller, slower water jet mode and take a shower for a period of 15 to 20 minutes, this will save a considerable amount of clean water and electricity each month.

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