10 warning signs that you are getting overworked

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Even the best jobs can make you overwork. The harder you work, the more ambitious you are, the easier it will be overwhelmed.

Exhaustion is often the result of heterogeneity between "input" and "output" - you find yourself exhausted when you feel that you've put too much in your work without getting what you deserve. Sometimes this happens because you are underpaid, but more often it is because you don't take care of yourself. So, you need to recognize the signs that you are overworked.

10 tell-tale signs that you are overworking yourself

1. Health issues

10 warning signs that you are getting overworked

Overwork has a profound negative impact on your health both physically and mentally. Whether it's back pain, depression, heart problems, obesity, or just being sick often, think about whether or not work is a cause. You will know when overworking affects your health and you will have to decide whether it is worth the consequences.

2. Cognitive difficulties

Research shows that stress puts pressure on the prefrontal cortex - a part of the brain responsible for executive function. Executive function influences memory, decision-making skills, emotional control and concentration. When you find yourself making silly mistakes, forgetting important things, not being able to control your emotions, or making bad decisions, you're probably exhausted.

10 warning signs that you are getting overworked

3. Struggles with personal and professional relationships

Stress affects everything you do, especially the way you interact with people around you. Even if you think you've managed your stress at work, it can still come back when you get home. Often relationships will be affected by this. Stress causes people to tend to be angry with others, lose control and get caught up in silly conflicts unnecessarily. Some people tend to move away from the people they care about.

4. Bringing work home

You always think about things you haven't done, hoping you didn't miss something important. When you can't stop thinking about your work at home, it's a very strong expression of being overworked.

10 warning signs that you are getting overworked

5. Tiredness

Overwork often leads to feeling exhausted and tired by stress on both body and mind. Signs of fatigue from overwork are waking up in the morning with absolutely no energy at all, drinking too much caffeine to be able to "survive" through the day or often feeling sleepy at work. .

6. Becoming negative

Overworking can turn you into a negative person even if you are a positive person. If you find yourself focusing on bad aspects in every situation, judging others and feeling skeptical about the motivations of others, that they are doing it for your own benefit, not sincerity, It's clear that negativity has taken hold of you and it's time for you to do something.

10 warning signs that you are getting overworked

7. Decreased satisfaction level

Overwork often lowers people's satisfaction. Projects or people that used to make you excited suddenly become normal. This makes it difficult because no matter how hard you try at work, you will not find yourself achieving anything.

8. Losing motivation

We start a job like a honeymoon, seeing things through rose-colored glasses. At this stage, the motivation comes very naturally. But when you overwork, you will have to try to fight the feeling of having no motivation. Maybe you still get the job done, even done well, but the motivation is gone. Instead of working for the job itself, your motivation comes from fear - fear of missing deadlines, fear of disappointing or being fired.

10 warning signs that you are getting overworked

9. Issues related to work efficiency

Overworked people often have a good work record, so when their work efficiency decreases, others don't always pay attention. Managing this is very important. What were the results of your last 1 month of work? What about the last 6 months or 1 year? If you see continuous decline, then it's time to think that overwork is the underlying cause.

10. Inability to take care of yourself

Life is a struggle with things that seem good at the moment, but actually not good at all. When you work too hard, your self-control decreases and you'll find yourself trying to fight them but to no avail. This is mainly due to stress affecting decision-making and self-control, partly due to declining confidence and motivation.

If you find yourself having many of the symptoms listed above, don't worry. Fighting this problem is simply learning how to take care of yourself. You need to learn how to separate yourself from your work so that you have time to recover and find balance.

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