10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

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There are so many stereotypes that we can't even count, each stereotypes do certain things that define them and that's just normal. Interestingly redhead, means people with red or orange colored hair, has these typical traits that caught our attention, here are some of them.

We at Break grew curious and found it interesting to learn what else distinguishes ginger people from others. And some of the facts we found were really surprising! That being said, we invite you to learn about these things and never forget to tell your redhead friends how special they are.

1. They’re “mutants”.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do
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The MC1R gene is responsible for one’s skin and hair color. When it’s inactivated or blocked, the body begins to produce more melanin that is responsible for more reddish tones. This “ginger gene” also affects freckles on redheads.

2. They can produce vitamin D.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do
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Because of their pale skin, they can get sunburned and absorb more sun. Therefore, redheads can produce more vitamin D.

3. Redhead men have health benefits.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do
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Redhead men are less likely to get prostate cancer. During a study, it was discovered that only 5% of men with red hair fell ill with this disease.

4. They’re more likely to be attacked by bees.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do
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Bees sting people with red hair more than others. They tend to attack redheads because this color may be perceived as predatory.

5. They have low pain tolerance.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

These genes also make redheads more susceptible to pain. It doesn’t allow the anesthetic to be absorbed, therefore, they need more anesthesia.

6. They have less hair.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do
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Despite the fact that red hair can be quite thick, there are only 90,000 strands. It doesn’t seem small, but in comparison, brunettes have approximately 110,000, and blondes have even more: 150,000!

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7. They’re more likely to be “lefties”.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

According to a study, redheads are more likely to be left-handed. It’s a recessive trait as well as the red hair.

8. Britain is home to the most redheads.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

Most redheads live in Ireland and Scotland. Up to 20%-30% percent of the population respectively has this beautiful hair color. Although, there’s still an assumption that redheads get their genes somewhere from southwestern Norway.

9. They’re sensitive to cold.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

The same MC1R gene may over-activate a temperature-detecting gene. So redheads may feel colder than people with different hair colors.

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10. They’re more afraid of visiting the dentist.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

Since redheads are more sensitive to pain and anesthetics, they’re more afraid of dentistry than others. They experience more anxiety relating to visiting the dentist and often fear toothaches.

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11. They have special celebration days.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

Many countries celebrate redhead days. In Germany, it’s in September, in the Netherlands, it’s in August; and in Italy, it’s in May. The date and duration of each celebration may vary but it’s still a holiday and an opportunity to congratulate all our redheaded friends.

12. Some people are afraid of them.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

Gingerphobia is a fear of redheads. Maybe this happens because of a prejudice that leads them to believe they lack a soul or for some other reason. In any case, some people are afraid of individuals with red hair.

13. They’re rare.

10 Traits That Redheads Typically Do

Most importantly, the number of people with such unique features is very small. Redheads are rare and make up just 1% to 2% of the total population, which translates to 70-140 million people.

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