10 signs of a bad boy and some advice for you to escape as soon as possible

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The biggest and most recognizable difference between a bad boy and other men is that they don't want to have any responsibility.

You fall in love, but you do not know the person you are about to start a relationship with? You suddenly feel that the person you love has changed? Here is a reference table for you to see if the person you are trusting in is as reliable as you think.

10 tell-tale signs you're dating a bad boy

1. He changes from extremely enthusiastic to downright cruel

At the beginning, a bad boy approached with an attitude of interest in you, pretending to love and give you everything. When you are in the net, he leave you and your love mercilessly.

10  signs of a bad boy and some advice for you to escape as soon as possible

2. Only excitement, no love.

Heartlessness has become their nature. Once their interest subsides, they will definitely leave, and find a new relationship.

They just love to start new relationship, because they simply can't afford to keep a long term relationship.

3. He has a catchphrase: "Don't think too much, we just need to be happy now."

"Now" is just a moment. Those who do not care about a long and stable love, begin to love with a momentary interest, then end when there is nothing left to take advantage of.

4. His friends are unaware of your existence.

Although the two of them had been together for a long time, going even further. Their timeline does not have a trace of you, even everyone thinks they are a person who does not mind the feelings of men and women.

5. He will not introduce you to his friends.

They will not introduce you to your friends, or in fact, they will not come to a true friend.

What's even more sad is that they denied the relationship of the two right in front of your friends. And said through the speaker with the idea "my friends all know you, I just want to keep you for me alone.

10  signs of a bad boy and some advice for you to escape as soon as possible

6. He is very selfish.

Most bad boys are selfish people, because not everyone can be bad boy, only a mean selfish man has the deadly attraction to girls.

7. "Log in", "Log out" and "Delete".

After starting a relationship with you, these scum will retain heat for at least a few days to a week, after which it will be extremely cold. He starts to ignore you, lose interest, and feel annoying and boring.

Because, this is just a hunting game.

Because, this game has a fixed ending, right from the start.

8. He doesn't want to spend money on you.

To be frank, they don't consider you someone they deserve attention. They are only interested in sleeping with you, as long as you can achieve your goals.

9. He always make you suffer.

Being with him, you will never feel certain- as he is suddenly cold, suddenly enthusiastic. And that makes you wonder if he are really still with you.

And it is this kind of thinking that makes you feel like you're not worth it, just as a toy, no more and no less.

10  signs of a bad boy and some advice for you to escape as soon as possible

10. He lacks empathy.

They were born lacking empathy, their understanding of love more shallow than ordinary people, because they have no concept of love, making them misunderstand the relationship between men and women.

They suddenly say "I love you" to you, just to sleep with you. Any fancy words in love, for them, just a tool to achieve the purpose.

Some tips to avoid bad boys

Please respect the sincere boys.

The fact is, if he likes you, he will be so nervous when he faces you, to the point of being clumsy.

Give him more opportunities, do not dismiss his feelings to pursue a type of person you like. Because when having the opportunity to learn, he may be better than you think.

Stop in time.

If you have identified this person as a bad boy, you must stop immediately. Don't give yourself the chance to deceive yourself, thinking: 'maybe he's different from those scum.' In fact, many of his former girls also think like you.

Time is the best way to check.

For these scumbags, there is no way to identify. The only way is time to verify. It is not too late to give up when you know them well enough.

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