10 habits to make wrinkles full face that everyone has ever done

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Wash your face too much or forget to wear sunscreen, .. are habits that make wrinkles "find" you earlier than your age.

Bad habits in daily life will cause ugly wrinkles on the face, making women look old before their age and less confident in daily communication. Therefore, in order for wrinkles to have no chance of appearing, you must immediately remove the following 10 harmful habits:

Habits that make wrinkles more and more

1. Wash your face several times

Many people have a habit of washing their faces several times a day to cleanse their skin but actually this is a very misconception. Because this habit can harm the skin, causing wrinkles to appear.

10 habits to make wrinkles full face that everyone has ever done

Washing your face a lot makes the skin dehydrated, making the aging process faster, thereby forming wrinkles around the mouth, eyes ...

2. Lie on your stomach, tilting to sleep

When lying on your stomach or lying on your side, a part of your face will have to come into contact with the pillow, this pressure over and over again will create wrinkles. In addition, this habit also causes neck, breast pressure. To improve this situation, you should practice the habit of lying on your back or use specialized pillows to limit the face contact with the pillow.  

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You should choose pillowcases made of silk and lie on your back to avoid wrinkles on the skin.

3. Smoking and drinking alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are enemies of health and beauty. After drinking alcohol or smoking, your body will lack a certain amount of water, making the skin dry, prone to pigmentation, loss of elasticity and faster aging, enabling wrinkles to appear. show.

10 habits to make wrinkles full face that everyone has ever done

If you don't want your face full of wrinkles and premature aging, say no to tobacco and alcohol.

4. Dark makeup

Daily thick, heavy makeup makes the pores on the skin easily clogged, not to "breathe", leading to skin inflammation, swelling, redness or blisters. Worse, it also stimulates hair growth or inflammation of the hair follicles, dilates blood vessels causing rough skin, aging fast.

Regular makeup also prevents the formation of new skin cells as well as the skin restoration process, leaving permanent wrinkles on the face, causing skin to age and age quickly.

Therefore, do not wear too much and often. If you can't limit your daily makeup, you need to carefully choose cosmetics that match your skin's characteristics and don't forget to remove your makeup and clean your face before going to bed. Never skip any skincare routine if you don't want to get dull and wrinkled skin.  

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5. Using electronics continuously

Regular contact with your computer to check Facebook, read newspapers, play games ... will make you tired and make your skin worse. Because the computer's radiation rays cause the dead cells on the skin to produce faster, making your skin less smooth. Not only that, this radiation also damages the collagen structure inside the skin, causing sagging skin, crow's feet, wrinkles, dry skin, dullness, acne and many other problems. .

The amount of charge generated from the computer screen as a catalyst causes the skin to absorb more of the dirt present in the air, which in the long term will lead to the appearance of wrinkles and freckles on the face.

To limit this, every 2 hours in front of the computer, you should wash your face or use a wet tissue to wipe your face or use a moisturizing spray to keep your face moist.

6. Use air conditioner, heater regularly

This must be guessed by the mechanism of operation of the air conditioner is dehumidifying in the air, dragging the moisture of the skin makes you feel extremely dry and uncomfortable. Skin lacking moisture will become shrinking and gradually, elasticity will also diminish, forming ugly wrinkles on the face.And if your skin is not adequately hydrated, timely to offset the loss of moisture will affect the deep layers of your skin, making the skin become weak, dull; surface prone to peeling, burning ...

10 habits to make wrinkles full face that everyone has ever done

When using a heater or air conditioner you need to pay attention to using moisturizers, mineral sprays ... to balance the skin's moisture.

7. Chewing gum

Chewing gum can help clean your mouth, clean your teeth, reduce stress ... but in fact, this habit can make your face wrinkle with some wrinkles.

Chewing gum causes your mouth to run continuously. Therefore, people who regularly chew candy will have wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, as well as the lower jaw line. The simple solution to limiting this habit is to use mouthwash and mouthwash to replace chewing gum.

8. Do not use sunscreen

You need to use sunscreen daily, even when not in the sun or covered with long clothing. Because the skin must be constantly exposed to UV rays l    Therefore, if you often have to work in the sun, always remember to apply sunscreen regularly and reapply every 2 hours. In addition to applying sunscreen on your face, remember to apply sunscreen to all exposed skin such as the neck, behind the ears, and hands.

10 habits to make wrinkles full face that everyone has ever done

Sunscreen helps you protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, and anti-aging, acne treatment.

9. Stay up late

Staying up late will disrupt your metabolism and the nervous system, will make your skin dry, reduce elasticity, darken, not smooth and wrinkled ...

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From 11 am to about 2 am is the time to regenerate skin cells. If you sleep less, the skin will be pale, fast aging ... Staying up late also affects the nervous system. At night, the sympathetic nervous system of humans will rest, but those who stay up late, the sympathetic nervous system is still active. Staying up late will make us feel tired, mentally impaired, stressed mind, poor memory, difficulty concentrating thoughts, dizziness, headache ... Long-term will lead to neurasthenia.

10. Unscientific diet

The habit of eating greasy and drinking less water is also one of the factors that cause premature skin aging and wrinkles appear.

A scientific diet, such as high fiber foods and lots of water, will provide essential vitamins for healthy skin and body.

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