10 Habits before going to bed of successful people

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The last thing you do before going to bed tends to significantly affect your mood and energy level the next day, as it often determines your sleep quality.

Successful people understand that their success begins and ends with mental and physical health. This almost entirely depends on whether they get enough sleep or not. That's why a good sleep is always a top priority.

What successful people do before going to bed

1. Read books

Experts say reading is the last thing most successful people usually do before going to bed. US President Barack Obama and Bill Gates are known for reading habits at least half an hour every night.

According to Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of the book "You Can't Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work", many business leaders block all outside influences to spend time each night reading books before they go to sleep.

"It is not necessary that books they read must be business books or inspirational classics. Many successful people find value in exploiting different sources of knowledge. They believe it will help promote greater creativity and passion in his life, "he said.

2. Stay away from electronic devices

The last thing you need to do is lie on the bed and think about the positive things you've just been through for a day. Give yourself a cushion of at least half an hour between the last email reading time and the time you go to sleep.

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10 Habits before going to bed of successful people

Green light from your phone is more toxic than sunshine. It will stop your brain from producing melatonin, an essential hormone that regulates your biological clock, reminding your body when to go to bed and when to wake up. This not only reduces the quality of your sleep but also increases your risk of cancer, decreases your vision and makes you fall into depression.

Michael Woodward, Ph.D., a psychologist and the author of "The YOU Plan", said: "The last thing you need to do is lie in bed and think about the positive things you've just experienced in one. Give yourself a cushion of at least half an hour between the last email reading time and the time you go to bed. "

3. Disconnect from works

People who are really successful can do anything but solve the job right before going to bed. They do not check email and try not to bother with work-related issues.

Disconnecting from work is important when you go home, and especially just before going to bed. It's good to let your mind recharge and spend time doing something you like.

Working too much can make you vulnerable to depression and stress. Taking the time after working to participate in other activities, can increase productivity and make you feel more energetic to get ready for the next day's task.

4. Make a to-do list

"Cleaning the mind for a good sleep is very important for many successful people. Often they will take the time to write down a list of any things to be solved the next day. So mind Theirs will be relaxed and not bothered to think those things at night anymore, "Kerr said.

Kenneth Chenault, former CEO of American Express, also adopted this approach. He has a habit of writing down three things he wants to accomplish the next day, every night before going to sleep.

5. Spend time with family

10 Habits before going to bed of successful people

Woodward says it's important that you take the time to chat with your family or play with your pets.

Laura Vanderkam, author of two books "I Know How She Does It" and "What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast", said: "I realize that not everyone can go to bed at the same time as my family. I, especially busy people, but if you can do this, it is a great way to connect and share what you have experienced with them, "he said.

6. Take a walk

10 Habits before going to bed of successful people
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Joel Gascoigne, Buffer's co-founder and CEO, has a habit of walking 20 minutes every night before going to bed. "For me, this is the most relaxing period of the day. I will spend that time evaluating my work and thinking about bigger challenges," he wrote in a blog post.

The National Sleep Research Foundation recognizes that exercise whenever you can, even at night, helps you sleep better. Many studies have also found walking can reduce stress and anxiety.

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7. Think about the good things during the day

Kerr said that many successful people spend their time right before going to bed to meditate or write down the three things they feel the most heart-warming happened during the day.

Keeping a "grateful diary" also reminds people about the progress they have made that day in any aspect of life. This helps maintain motivation, especially when you are going through a challenging phase of your career.

8. Visualize the success of tomorrow

"Many successful people spend a few minutes before going to bed to imagine a positive outcome that opens up to the projects they are working on. For most people, this is not a task or exercise. They come naturally as a spiritual gift to help you think more positively and optimistically, "said Lynn Taylor, a national expert and author of" Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish. Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job "said.

9. Meditate

Many successful people use 10 minutes before sleeping to meditate. Dale Kurow, an executive coach working in New York, says it's a great way to relax your body and calm your mind.

10. Make a sleep plan

10 Habits before going to bed of successful people
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"Currently there is an alarming situation of chronic sleep deprivation among busy people. So a habit that I know some very successful people often do is to prioritize enough sleep. This can be a challenge for workaholics or successful entrepreneurs, "Kerr said.

In order to do that effectively, you must ensure that you sleep according to the time frame you specified. Experts suggest that you plan to determine when you need to wake up, how long to sleep, and then consider setting the alarm to remind yourself to go to bed on time.

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