10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

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The fantasy story that completely changed the landscape for TV series for the entire world is coming to an end. And the closer we are to the final episode, the more theories there are about Game of Thrones. Most of them are simply not true. This article will tell you if the show has a main character, if there are 5 characters who you don’t need to worry about, and if it’s true that it wasn’t Eddard Stark who was executed in the first season. And at the end of the article, there is an interesting observation from attentive viewers that could become a huge spoiler.

We has no doubts that the Game of Thrones finale will be a memorable event, and now we need to prepare for it and eliminate the theories that are definitely wrong.

Myth № 1: The Targaryens are not afraid of fire.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

One of the most impressive scenes of season one was when Daenerys came into the funeral fire of Khal Drogo and returned completely unharmed. And when, several seasons later, Khaleesi did the same trick and returned from a burning temple, the viewers had no doubts: the Targaryens can’t be hurt with fire.

This seemingly obvious fact turned out to be just a myth and George Martin himself dispelled it. According to the author, the fact that the Mother of Dragons can’t be damaged with fire is an exception and it’s a magical phenomenon. And the proof is that her brother Viserys died when Khal Drogo poured liquid gold on his head. And there are more solid facts that support this idea: Rhaegar Targaryen was born during a tragic event: a fire in the castle where most of his relatives died.

Myth № 2: The Targaryens have already ruled the Seven Kingdoms.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

People close to Daenerys keep telling her that she is the only rightful heir to the Iron Throne because her ancestors had already been on the throne and ruled the Seven Kingdoms. But this is not entirely true. Before the first Targaryen king Aegon, only 6 kingdoms bent their knee, but Dorne managed to stay independent. 2 centuries after that, Dorne peacefully joined the Targaryens after Daenerys married Maron Martell. Dorne was never conquered and it still has the right to have its own traditions and laws.

Myth № 3: Sansa is pregnant.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

After Ramsey’s and Sansa’s wedding, many fans were absolutely sure that Sansa was pregnant from the Bolton. But the actress claimed that the rumor was not true and there was no point in not believing her words: it has been a long time since they got married and if she was pregnant, it would be evident to everyone by this point.

Myth № 4: Melisandre controlled Stannis Baratheon.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

The viewers were sure that The Red Woman charmed Stannis Baratheon and controlled him like a puppeteer. But in fact, Stannis Baratheon needed Melisandre just to help him get the Iron Throne. And the sorceress was sure that Stannis was Azor Ahai, so she tried to help him fulfill the prophecy. But in the end, Melisandre didn’t even notice that she was basically controlled by Stannis as he only pursued his own interests.

Myth № 5: Arya Stark is dead.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

The fans of the show are used to the most unexpected story twists. So, some of them think that Arya never managed to kill Waif and that now Waif hides under Arya’s face. But we saw Waif’s face on the wall in the House of Black and White, so this theory is definitely false. And it is unlikely that Jaqen H’ghar has Arya’s face because, in this case, he would not have the memories that Arya has. And she seems to remember everything.

Myth № 6: Ned Stark is alive.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

It has been many years since Ned Stark was executed and viewers still have hopes that he will come back. There is a theory that says that some of the faceless men could have pretended to be Ned Stark and Varys could have hired one of them to save the lord. But unfortunately, there is no proof of that at all because the faceless men have to kill a person in order to turn into them.

Myth № 7: White Walkers are the resurrected dead.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

We’ve all seen that the army of the White Walkers is partially made of Wights — the walking dead. The White Walkers themselves are not zombies, they are an ancient race that has magic abilities. The White Walkers are not people who have come back from the dead, they were created by the Children of the Forest during a ritual where they wanted to make soldiers that would obey them. But everything got out of control and the Night King created his own army that uses the dead to fight for them.

Myth № 8: Bran Stark can change the future.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

Many viewers have high hopes for Bran and there is a theory that during the epic battle between the White Walkers and the people, he will be the one to take over the Night King and save the Seven Kingdoms. But the Three-Eyed Raven said that the past had already been written and the ink was dry. This means that all the things Bran does by traveling through time have already had their effect on the future. We saw how this rule worked with Hodor: any butterfly effect is already written in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. And everything happens the way it should. But this doesn’t mean that Bran doesn’t have a key role in the final battle.

Myth № 9: These 5 characters have immunity.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

Many fans are convinced that there are 5 characters on the show that are never going to be killed: Daenerys, Jon Snow, Tyrion, Arya, and Bran Stark. But this is George Martin’s list and the show has been very different from the books he wrote, so we can’t hope that any of the characters are absolutely safe.

Myth № 10: There is no main character in the show.

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

Have you ever thought about the center character of the show? Daenerys? Maybe it’s Jon Snow? Mathematicians studied the connections between the characters and came to the conclusion that Game of Thrones does have a main character. And his name is Tyrion Lannister. And the biggest proof is that Tyrion is George Martin’s favorite character.

Bonus: How will the main character die?

10 Fake “Game of Thrones” Facts Even True Fans Believed

The writers might break the rule of the 5 characters that can’t be killed. And it seems that everything will end with Tyrion never finding out who got the Iron Throne. The most attentive viewers noticed an interesting pattern:

  • Ned Stark decapitated a man from the Night’s Watch and Ned was decapitated later.
  • Olenna Tyrell poisoned Joffrey Baratheon — Olenna died of being poisoned.
  • Ramsey let dogs loose on his step-mother and brother. Ramsey then died the same way.
  • Roose Bolton killed Robb with a dagger in his heart. Roose died from a dagger.

  • Walder Frey ordered that Catelyn Stark’s throat be cut. Walder’s throat was cut.

  • Sand Snakes were killed with their favorite weapon.

  • Ygritte killed Olly’s parents with arrows. She died from an arrow.

  • Lysa Arryn executed people through the Moon Door. Petyr Baelish killed her the same way.

  • Tyrion Lannister killed his father with a crossbow. Cercei gave Bronn a crossbow...

Who would you like to see on the Iron Throne?

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