10 dirtiest animals on the planet

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You may be shocked by some animals on this list.

We must admit it, no animal is perfectly clean, even humans. However, some animals may look 'more clean' from our perspective, while others "less clean." This is a list of 10 dirtiest animal on the planet.

What are the dirtiest animals on Earth?

10. Giraffe

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

Giraffes are known to be the tallest animals in the world with a neck nearly 6m long and a 45cm long tongue. These are considered advantages that help giraffes feed. With this special gross tongue, they can easily take food as they just lick around the foliage with their tongues, yank and put the leaves into their mouths.

The giraffes' tongue can also do something that is considered "dirty", which is ear picking, when it is itchy. Try to imagine using your tongue to pick your nose and then use your tongue to pick up food, how horrible it is!

9. Cow

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

Perhaps you can hardly believe that the fart of a cow is one of the reasons why the Earth is seriously polluted. There are over a billion cows on this planet. And maybe you don't know, cows are one of the animals which fart the most in the world.

Approximately, a cow's stomach can hold 200 liters of food. Every day, a cow let out up to 500kg of methane gas. This amount is equivalent to the amount of toxic gas released into the environment by an oil factory.

8. Hippo

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

There are many interesting facts about hippopotamus such as: they are one of the largest mammals and can weigh up to 3 tons, they don't have body hair and prefer to use mud as sunscreen.

However, the reason for this animal to be among the dirtiest animals in the world is because they often bath in their own mixture of feces and urine. In addition, hippopotamus can also create an extremely frightening rain of poop.

The hippopotamus usually produces this 'rainstorm' as a signal to mark its territory or to seduce other hippos during the mating season.

7. Red wolf

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

Red wolves have a rather disgusting habit of eating the corspes of other animals. A decaying fish or decaying prey, dead for many days, will become delicious meals for this animal.

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6. Himalayan tahr

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

You may not know about this herbivore, but it is related to wild goats and lives in the mountains of southern India. During the mating season, if a female tahr has a crush on a male tahr, she will pee at the male to "mark her sovereignty". Therefore, do not be surprised if you see a tahr urinating on another tahr.

5. Koala

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

Koala is a mammal that lives in Australia and is the only living animal in the family Phascolarctidae. Koala's diet is eucalyptus leaves, with a lot of fiber and even toxins. Small Koala have poor digestive system so they cannot eat eucalyptus leaves. Therefore, after weaning, a baby Koala cannot directly eat eucalyptus leaves, it has to eat those through its mother's feces instead.

4. Sea cucumber

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

Sea cucumbers have long body and hairy skin, and bones under their skins, living on the seabed around the world. Sea cucumbers are close relatives of starfish, they can be 1 meter long and look quite like a big sausage.

Basically, sea cucumbers eat the feces and bodies of dead animals. But sea cucumbers themselves are a favorite dish of many people.

3. Hagfish

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

This slime eel does not have a skull, nor does it have a spine. But even though it is called an eel, this animal actually belongs to a class of non-jawed fish, they also have another name, hagfish.

It is known that these slime eels can secrete nearly 8 liters of mucus whenever they are in danger. The mucus plays a role in protecting their body, making their enemies not daring to touch, or even dare to grasp them.

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2. Vulture

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

Vulture is the common name for a group of carnivorous birds, living in every continent, except Antarctica and Oceania. One thing in particular is that the vultures don't have sweat glands, so to cool themselves, they must poop on their own feet.

The vulturess legs, which directly make contact with the ground, is the hottest part on their body. At the same time, this is a hairless part, so the water in the waste clinging to their feet will quickly evaporate, helping them remove large amounts of heat.

1. Fly

10 dirtiest animals on the planet

And of course, we can't help mentioning the fly on the list of the world's dirtiest animals. Flies eat human and animal faeces, so their entire body is covered with dense bacteria. The presence of flies is a sign of unsanitary living conditions, as they carries many dirts and pathogens.

So it is no exaggeration to say that flies take the first place in the ranking of the world's dirtiest animals.

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