10 bodybuilding principles to grow your muscle fast

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Fitness training is a method to help increase your muscle, giving you optimal physique. Therefore, you need to master the basic principles for the body to develop quickly and effectively.

Here Break would like to share with you some of the basic bodybuilding rules.

10 bodybuilding principles to grow your muscle fast

Always have a clear exercise plan:

If you start your training without a plan, a clear schedule, it will be like you are traveling without a map. Take a little time to write the goals you want to work towards, thereby building a schedule, and the most sensible diet.

10 bodybuilding principles to grow your muscle fast

High intensity training:

You must do your best in 45-60 minutes at the gym. The intensity of training varies from person to person, based on each individual's willpower and physical ability. Importantly, you have to challenge yourself in every training session. The body does not adapt to the intensity of daily exercise, it is difficult to produce the results you expect.

Master the basic techniques:

Do not be too much affected by the new movements available in the internet or magazines. Practicing by them is unlikely to bring immediate benefits to you. Instead, we should focus on the most basic movements such as weight lifting, chest pushing, shoulder pushing, deadlift.

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10 bodybuilding principles to grow your muscle fast

Do not exercise too much:

The weight beyond training and control will not bring benefits to the body. Many people choose to weigh too much, do not feel the pressure on the muscle group they want to train. With chest muscle exercises, too much weight will impact the shoulders and back arms more than put pressure on the chest muscles.

Should practice with weights:

Weightlifting does not make women more bulky. In contrast, the new fat makes women "play prime". In addition, women cannot produce testosterone (the hormone that helps muscles grow) like men. So, girls, please rest assured weights to get the most complete physique.

10 bodybuilding principles to grow your muscle fast

Master the muscle group you want to train:

Many muscle groups you can activate just by thinking of them during your workout. Use this ability to maximize the muscle group you want to train. Practicing in front of a mirror, doing light weights and maximizing focus on the use of muscles and techniques will help you perfect this skill over time.

Consistency with exercise program:

The appropriate training program must be suitable for personal goals, qualifications and experience. You can reach the destination by many different paths such as cardio to keep fit, burn fat. Be consistent with your exercise program, don't run the way someone else does it if it doesn't work for you.

Always progressing:

It helps us to get rid of stubbornness and slow down the growth of muscles. If your fat burning rate, strength gain, muscle growth are reduced to half of what it was at first time, you should renew your exercise program. The human body has the ability to adapt quite quickly. To continue to improve, you must create additional pressure or challenge your limits. Exercising for too long with old weights and exercises limits muscle growth.

10 bodybuilding principles to grow your muscle fast

Listen to your body:

Sometimes, you will feel that you are not at 100% performance. It is time to leave the practice the day before and let your body rest completely.

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Limiting the risk of injury:

Beginners must learn the difference between movements and techniques. You should not exercise too hard. Make sure you lift and lower the weight gently and safely. Everyone should warm up the muscles and joints well for the workout. If you are injured but still aches and pains, you should take a break to recover the body completely, avoid the worse cases may occur.

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